Monday’s Memory – Cody

It was around this time of the year in 1998 that a little white Bichon Frise entered our home to captivate all our hearts.  He joined the pet menagerie consisting of a golden retriever, a tabby cat and a guinea pig.  He would try his hardest to wiggle his way into your affections.  He had a way of “talking” to you with is eyes.

I had always wanted a “little” dog.  One that could sit on my lap, and snuggle with me.   Cody spent the early mornings snuggled up against me during my quiet time, and also had worked his way on the bed, and slept between Craig and I until he could not longer jump up.

Cody had some internal tumors that the vet and us believed were pressing on his spine that had reached a point where it was uncomfortable for him.  In July, we said our goodbyes.

I know I’m not the only one that misses him.

I recently completed a watercolor of Cody in a pose that I like to remember him by.   This was the best our scanner would do, but I’m sharing it with you.


You can catch some more pictures of Cody here:  Dog Lessons


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Memory – Cody

  1. Oh, that is so wonderful! What a beautiful job, Denise! You are so talented, and yes, I feel your sorrow. Our pets leave such big holes, perhaps because they love so unconditionally.

    • Thank you Sue for the kind words. I needed to wait a bit until I could paint it. I still find myself calling one of the cats by his name now and then. You are correct, they love us unconditionally.

  2. Cody was indeed a beautiful little boy and gave you much pleasure during his he gives you happy memories and thoughts.
    We also have a 15 year old dog who is poorly but we hesitate to take the last step.He is not in pain, otherwise he would not be here, but I don’t like to be in the position of ‘Life or Death’…but it will come one day!

    Keep thinking of Cody and I feel sure that one day you will meet again,
    lots of love xxxxx

    • I know that you have had to make similar tough decisions with your pets. Sometimes you just have to do what is best for them. Thanks for the kind words. He was a good boy.

    • It is sad when you lose a loved pet. Maybe someday we will get another little dog. Right now we are busy with the two cats. Thank you for the kind words about the painting!

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