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Marinating in Encouragement

I like it when I read blogs or articles or hear something that has me thinking about their words for a while.  Recently, I’ve read about letting things go, the power of prayer, fear, sharing our testimony, being transparent in the church community, and how the church should be viewed as a hospital for the … Continue reading

Being Still

I didn’t used to enjoy the early mornings. In fact, my response to people about mornings was “I’m a night person”. Something happened over the years.  Now it is the opposite. I’m an early riser, and I enjoy it. I enjoy the quiet time before the hustle and chaos of the day begins. I listen … Continue reading

Hear me now, I am redeemed!

This sorting and packing has me finding a lot of different things.  Squirreled away were some notes from my sister about why she and the rest of the family wouldn’t be attending our wedding, my journal from the months my Mom struggled with cancer, her funeral, all the feelings I was having around the time … Continue reading

Interest Due!

Found a submitted bill yesterday from an indeterminate date with accumulating interest. I don’t know how I missed it. Perhaps it had something to do with the way the bill was submitted. Hidden away, who knows when, years ago. A test of some sort, I guess. Long since forgotten by the child, and left. Found … Continue reading

Brain Sprain?

Yesterday while getting dressed, I thought I had a particularly brilliant moment in the “writing” compartment of my brain. Yes, I just said it. The words just started forming in my head and I stopped what I was doing and ran to get paper before I forgot what I was thinking. Well, that does happen … Continue reading

Wardrobe Discussion

I come from a line of tall women. I like being tall; however, with some things it does have its drawbacks. What I’m thinking about in particular this morning is wearing and buying slacks. Now, my past generation of tall family women for the most part wore dresses.  They also made their own clothing. I … Continue reading

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Just tea for two And two for tea Just me for you And you for me A little tinkle of a melody triggers fond memories and weaves it spell on a few of my favorite things. As I have often said, I loved to visit and spend time with my maternal Grandmother.  One thing we … Continue reading

Dusty Lemon Memory

Dusting. There are days when I try to take the speed approach. I get out the Swiffer.  I zip around (well, as much as I can zip around) and reach and grab at the dust here and there. For my own particular reason, I find I like what some think is the “old fashioned way”.  … Continue reading