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As I sit here crying… typing through my tears… words flowing onto the page just as fast as the tears cascade down my cheeks… I wonder… What would my life be without my Mother in it?  As naïve as this may sound, this is not a question I’ve ever asked myself.…

The Christmas Miracle

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With Christmas coming up the past few days has got me to thinking of how not only do seasons change but so do our lives.When we were young parents Christmas was so important to me because I wanted my kids to have a good holiday.I know that sounds bad but there…


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Editor’s Note: Sorry about the absence of my Blog lately. Just finished a 9 day stretch of craziness at work, home stuff, Thanksgiving, and volunteering. I promise to return to the 2-3 Blogs/week pace. Mark What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have…

What I’m Reading Wednesday

In my effort to be a consistent blogger and keep up my personal blogging challenge, I’ve decided on a few blogging categories to help me. These are the ones I’ve selected so far: Memory Mondays Tuesday Treasures What I’m Reading Wednesdays I was wondering what I wanted to highlight for my first ‘What I’m Reading … Continue reading