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Do I have your attention? The first definition of hey is getting someone’s attention or expressing surprise,  anger or showing your annoyed. Hey, John!  Come here a minute! Hey!  Watch where you’re going! The second definition of hey is hello. Hey, Sue.  How are you? The South is where I first learned how the second … Continue reading

Wardrobe Discussion

I come from a line of tall women. I like being tall; however, with some things it does have its drawbacks. What I’m thinking about in particular this morning is wearing and buying slacks. Now, my past generation of tall family women for the most part wore dresses.  They also made their own clothing. I … Continue reading

Detail Oriented

My brain is wired to pick up on details. I can’t help it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I can get fixated on details if I am not careful. However, I am very select in the details I can get fixated on. For instance, I can remember conversations that have impacted me strongly in great … Continue reading

Bloggers…Getting Real

I was following a blog that was both encouraging and informative.  The posts dealt with her Mother’s battle with  Alzheimers Disease.  Right now, I don’t know someone battling that, but I do have a dear friend who cares for her mother-in-law that battles dementia.   I thought the authors posts were well written and would find … Continue reading

Dreamy Morning

Had a dream this morning.  One that I remember. I was dreaming about a wedding.  A wedding that I needed to hurry and get to.  One that I wasn’t dressed correctly for.   Outside it was beautiful and sunny, and people were hurrying to get inside.  Women were dressed in long, light, pastel, flowing dresses. I … Continue reading

Clearing Out the Clutter

Cleaning up some clutter in my life. Looking around at things that I’ve held on to and I can/should let go of. This should prove to be interesting.  🙂

Rants and Raves

I was thinking about having some new categories to blog about…well, one that I’ve wanted to add presented itself today. Hence, introducing “Rants and Raves” category. I wish I could say it was a Rave. I logged into Facebook to check out some things, and noticed that yet again, they had to change things up. … Continue reading


When you haven’t posted in a while, it sure is hard to get started….again. It isn’t exactly like I don’t get topic suggestions sent to me.  I think, “that’s a good one”.  Sometimes I will even “write something” in my head of course, and it never quite makes it to a post. There are a … Continue reading