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Iowa Additions 

Iowa Additions 

While we were in Iowa these two joined the party.        These cute adopted brother and sister made the cold days fly by and the warm days happy! We went looking for one, but couldn’t split the siblings. They behave just like children. One moment carrying on, the next all sweet as can be.  … Continue reading

Tuckered Out….

It’s been a long day.  We’re a little tuckered out here. To be expected when you get up at the crack of dawn!

HGTV Home Crasher Feline Host?

I guess Fudge is either petitioning for his own HGTV Home Crasher show, or he decided that it was time for me to dedicate a post to “cat capers” or something. Yesterday I heard a distinct “wood” sound from upstairs.  It sounded like my son’s drum sticks rolling into each other.  I thought the cats … Continue reading

Breakfast Time!

My breakfast routine has been pretty consistent. Take one packet of instant oatmeal. Add one patient cat. Add one less patient cat. Any remaining oatmeal will be licked clean.

The “Will” Dance

Almost every morning begins the dance of “will”. “Will” I get a few more moments of sleep, wake up on my own, stretch; or “will” the cats (usually Fudge, the male) commence “wake up routine”? Even though the cats are technically our son’s Alex’s, they find themselves on our bed at night.  (Probably because they … Continue reading

Purrrfect Pamperer

Out of the two kittens that came into the house, there is a difference when it comes to getting ready in the morning…. Pansy, the female, likes to hinder me help me when I’m putting on my makeup.  I guess she figures I’m blind as a bat without my glasses and she better help me … Continue reading

That’s a wrap!

We have some new additions in the house…. We adopted two inquisitive kittens at the end of October.  Well, actually they were a birthday present for Alex.  We went to adopt one, and came home with two.  Siblings, a male and a female. Makes Christmas gift wrapping interesting…. I haven’t even attempted to put up … Continue reading

Dog Lessons

Dog Lessons

Some days you just feel blah. When the weight of what your carrying or how you’re feeling is holding you down. That’s when you need to give yourself a good shake or a yawn… Wake up and start looking at your surroundings with fresh eyes. Yeah, and maybe a treat.  Wait..what…did you say treat??  🙂