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The Bandit

Growl at it, snarl at it. Scare it off; let it know who’s in charge. That was what I felt I needed to do when I first saw the raccoon. But what exactly was it doing inside anyway? And where exactly was I? It didn’t seem to matter which room I went into, the raccoon … Continue reading

Here We Are!

Safely arrived to see what the future has in store for us. Minnesota greeted us with warm 70’s weather. For two days. Followed today by weather in the 30’s with snow flurries. Well now. This Northeastern & Southern transplant is quite fond of her flip flops. I’m not giving them up that easy, Not only … Continue reading

Main character, or just a walk on?

Does anyone else ever wonder why some people follow their blogs? I don’t think I’m that witty. Well, okay, I can be sometimes. I’m random.  I’m a sporadic writer, at best at the present. I think I do a pretty good job picking out those who just “like” a post or “follow” me for the … Continue reading

Bundling Up

Now that the cat is out of the bag about us moving, I can tell you something funny that happened a few weeks ago. To be honest, I didn’t find it so humorous on the day it happened. Being that we are moving to a much colder climate than we have lived in for the … Continue reading


Something is the matter with the mirrors in my home. I mean they are “reflecting” and all.  It’s just there is something freaky going on. What they are reflecting to me and apparently what everyone else sees are two different things. How do I know this? Well, I tried to take a picture by looking … Continue reading

Wardrobe Discussion

I come from a line of tall women. I like being tall; however, with some things it does have its drawbacks. What I’m thinking about in particular this morning is wearing and buying slacks. Now, my past generation of tall family women for the most part wore dresses.  They also made their own clothing. I … Continue reading

Menopausal Maladies – Chips

Menopause. There isn’t any use pretending… So, might as well look for the humor. Remember the commercials for Lay’s potato chips when they said the line……”bet you can’t stop at just one”? Well, menopause reminds me that random chin hairs are a lot like potato chips. * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading