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Gifts Amidst Sadness

Sometimes it is amidst sadness that we find great gifts. Yesterday we attended a celebration of life for my second cousin. Listening to family remembering his life, and talking with other family members, I was again reminded of family threads that run through and in us that we are often seemingly unaware of. I thought … Continue reading

Second Nature

Second Nature

I have this habit that I didn’t realize I had.  Craig pointed it out a while back.  Then I started noticing it. It is I guess a sort of self-soothing, thinking, unaware thing I do when I’m lost in thought, anxious, bored, reminiscing or what not. Usually it involves just my left hand, but I … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

When I was younger I remember my Mother would go through her big Spring cleaning stage.  We cleaned each room from top to bottom, inside and out.  We wiped the walls, baseboards, floors, windows, cleaned curtains, linens, emptied closets, and believe it or not, we aired the furniture outside and polished and cleaned it before … Continue reading

Interest Due!

Found a submitted bill yesterday from an indeterminate date with accumulating interest. I don’t know how I missed it. Perhaps it had something to do with the way the bill was submitted. Hidden away, who knows when, years ago. A test of some sort, I guess. Long since forgotten by the child, and left. Found … Continue reading

The Christmas Barn…”a big mistake”?

Around 28 years ago I was introduced into a world that I had not really seen before. Craig fondly refers to it as “a big mistake”.  He’s just kidding.  I think. After our Thanksgiving meal we would go and visit the The Christmas Barn. My first trip there can only be described as a kid … Continue reading

Norman Rockwell Dinner

I remember the first time I cooked what I’d like to refer to as my Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Dinner.  Remember, being raised as JW, we didn’t celebrate Holidays, so it wasn’t until I left home that I began to enjoy these celebrations.  Now, I had been at other homes for Thanksgiving, but this was the … Continue reading

Autumn…Sights and Smells

When I think of Autumn I think of two things. Leaves and apples. I am drawn to the different colors that I see being painted across the trees and landscape.  I have vivid memories of white birch trees in the New England states, their aged and peeling bark shooting up to the sky, while orange … Continue reading

Painting a good feeling….

When I was in High School I couldn’t wait until I could pick the electives I really wanted.  It wasn’t too hard to choose.  We had a three “tracks”.  College, Business, Vo-Tech.   I knew I wasn’t going to college.  Isn’t wasn’t something I ever considered.  Growing up, college was never discussed as an option.  … Continue reading

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Just tea for two And two for tea Just me for you And you for me A little tinkle of a melody triggers fond memories and weaves it spell on a few of my favorite things. As I have often said, I loved to visit and spend time with my maternal Grandmother.  One thing we … Continue reading

Dusty Lemon Memory

Dusting. There are days when I try to take the speed approach. I get out the Swiffer.  I zip around (well, as much as I can zip around) and reach and grab at the dust here and there. For my own particular reason, I find I like what some think is the “old fashioned way”.  … Continue reading