Second Nature

I have this habit that I didn’t realize I had.  Craig pointed it out a while back.  Then I started noticing it.

It is I guess a sort of self-soothing, thinking, unaware thing I do when I’m lost in thought, anxious, bored, reminiscing or what not.

Usually it involves just my left hand, but I have been known to do it with both hands.

What is it?

I rub my thumb between my second and third fingers in a back and forth motion, generally across my nail, in an absent mind sort of way.

Once this was pointed out to me, I tried to pay attention to when I did it or the occasions I did it.  It seems to be something I do when I am deep in thought and definitely a tactile means of self-soothing.

I wondered for a bit why I did this.  I wondered was this something I learned by observation. All the while, rubbing my fingers.

I had this nagging feeling that I had seen the behavior somewhere.  A sort of comfort behavior.

Then I remembered this picture.

Grandmom deep in thought while we were probably driving to Maine.

Grandmom deep in thought while we were probably driving to Maine.

Here is the same finger pose. Pensive thinking, fingers ready.

I love this picture.

This person I loved with all my heart.

When I rub my fingers now, I also remember my Grandmother.

I’m connected to her again.  I remember her love.


Rub. Rub. Rub.

It’s self-soothing when you miss someone.

I am now on a mission to discover how many family members inherited this trait or learned this behavior.

So far I’ve found two more.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Second Nature

  1. You should also investigate Craig’s “loosening the collar” move 🙂
    Then again, that might just be to prevent him from choking someone.

  2. Isn’t it great to realize that you inherit something from someone you love so much? My kids tell me the older I get the more I remind them of my grandma. She was my favorite is all of the world.

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