Ps. 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.  Ps. 46:10

Off the grid.

That’s what I was for over a month while we moved into our new home and waited until the cable company had the equipment they needed to hook up whatever they needed to make the box sitting in our front yard “work”.

I was beginning to get a little antsy.  (I can hear Craig saying “beginning?”)

I’d like to say I filled those quiet times with extra study times and additional prayer.

My intentions were good.

However, my actions didn’t always follow through.


Instead, I’d often have bursts of either frantic box-emptying until my feet or body would wear out, or organization ideas to decide where to put stuff, or thought about what might have to go (we need to down-size some more).  Then of course there are the occasional items that need to be purchased.  I know, seriously, get rid of, and then obtain.  Trust me I know it sounds ridiculous, but some things you have to purchase.

During the TV free, internet free, and until I unpacked a radio, radio-free time, I thought about the Amish expression of how they live a simple life because it brings them closer to God.

Now I was born and raised in surrounding Amish country, and both our boys have often teased me and told me I was raised Amish even though I was not.  I have lived around Amish, there was even an Amish lady who used to come and care for us now and then when I was younger and even went on the occasional family trip.  I must have told a tale or two about her when they were growing up.  Boys like to tease their mothers when they can.

I’m digressing.

Being in farm country again, had me thinking about the farms I saw growing up and the Amish.  They may have lived in simpler homes, but they were always busy.  Sometimes simple can mean more work depending on what it is.  They were never idle.  I don’t recall them being still.

I don’t think it matters who you are or where you are from, we all struggle with being still.  Even people who we think live simple lives find things to do to occupy their time and their minds to keep themselves busy and find themselves away from God at sometime or another.

There is always a chore, always something to cook, always a child to care for, something to plant, something to harvest, something to think about, etc. etc.  We slip so easily into thinking we have to do this “one” thing before we can be still.  The next thing we know we have done another, and another and another.  I can easily slip into this pattern.  Trying to keep the pendulum balanced.

Being still, that for me is a purposeful action on my part.  I guess that is an oxymoron.  I mean that I deliberately have to choose to be still.  To quiet my actions, and that includes that hamster wheel of thoughts in my head.

Being still.

How better to get to know Him.

When I am still, I find that He has been patiently waiting all along.

When I am still, I find out how much I have missed Him.

When I am still, I find out how quickly I feel His love.

When I am still.

Lord, help me be still.


6 thoughts on “Ps. 46:10

  1. He is ALWAYS with us…days, months, even years..we may ‘forget’ Him but He is never far away..I always have a chatter eith Him just before l go to sleep but last nighgl was so tired that l fell asleep without my chat…now l feel that someyhing is missing so tonight will be a double wammy…lots of happiness in your new home and your new lifetime

  2. Denise I am like you. I love to be busy and there are times my feet actually hurt trying to get that last thing done. Last night as I was teaching my granddaughter the meaning of the second commandment she told me she has long talks with God after she gets in bed. She is ten and I thought how good it was that she could take comfort in her talk with God and her bed at the same time. I love that we can be emotionally and physically comfortable in our walk with God. I just need to do it.

    • Children are such at ease with things. I miss the child in myself. I’m sure He does too. I guess that is why He calls us “His children”, to remind us of that, and to return to that trusting, carefree, joyful Abba feeling. We don’t have to “act” like the grownups with Him. He knows us too well.

  3. I loved this post – I read it from my phone on one of those on-going crisis days. I’m so glad to know you’re settling in and finding your way. I can’t imagine the upheaval you’ve experienced over this past year. So wonderful to know your faith sustains you.

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