Kick Started

I had a friend ask me about two weeks ago if I had blocked her from my blog.

She hadn’t seen any posts from me lately.

No, of course not!  I told her.

My mind wanted to think of all these excuses of why I had not posted anything.   But, with every excuse I could think of, I would also think of a rebuttal.  If I had one, than for sure, she would come back with the same one.  (She knows me, and she’s like that)

Then I confessed.

I’ve been lazy in posting.

You’d think that conversation would have kick started me to write something.

Well it did, sort of….in my head on the way to the airport.

Here it is two weeks later and I finally decided to “just do it” as Nike would say.

just do it

I’ll work on a post for tomorrow to fill you in on what’s been happening these past few months.

Don’t worry, there hasn’t been any film offers on what’s been going on.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Kick Started

  1. Snap! I have done the same thing….as much as I want to post other things havd got in the way. I wrote two a few weeks ago but since then…nought.
    So you are not alone Denise… it really that important?

  2. I think it is commendable that if you don’t have anything to say you don’t say it. I do the same Denise and I don’t think that it is being lazy. You always make me think when you post and I like that. Blessings

    • Blessings to you too, and thanks for the kind words! PS: I don’t know if my husband would agree with you that I don’t have anything to say. hehe

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