Marinating in Encouragement

I like it when I read blogs or articles or hear something that has me thinking about their words for a while.  Recently, I’ve read about letting things go, the power of prayer, fear, sharing our testimony, being transparent in the church community, and how the church should be viewed as a hospital for the sick, not a place of healthy Christians.  We are all sick, and when we are transparent, share our struggles, pains both past and present, it is then that people can relate to each other and God’s glory is shown.

A few I’ve read:

On praying –  Mustard Seed Budget

So why do we pray? – Mustard Seed Budget

On Worry – The River Walk

Testimony Time – The River Walk

Letting Go – Life on Courtney Lane

I’ve been marinating on their encouraging words, and words that followed.

There must be some reason the Holy Spirit wanted me to visit this.

My fingers typed out what swirled around in my brain.

Then I let that marinate.

Daily post prompts seem to prod further.

I’ve been trimming excess fat.

It’s time though, I’ll put in on the grill tomorrow, if you’re interested.

6 thoughts on “Marinating in Encouragement

  1. Denise this is wonderful. I pray because I like to pray. My grandkids say it is talking to God in your head. How is that for profound. They get a little crafty sometimes with their prayers but I love that they know it is real and it is helpful.Blessings

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