Being Still

I didn’t used to enjoy the early mornings.

In fact, my response to people about mornings was “I’m a night person”.

Something happened over the years.  Now it is the opposite.

I’m an early riser, and I enjoy it.

I enjoy the quiet time before the hustle and chaos of the day begins.

I listen to the creak of the house, and the birds beginning their morning chatter.

Sometimes I just sit and look out the window, thinking and talking to God.

Sometimes I spend time reading His Word.

Sometimes I do both.

The day is ahead of me, clamoring for my attention.   Not yet, I say.

Now I choose to enjoy the treasure.

Be still, and know that I am God.   Psalm 46:10


4 thoughts on “Being Still

  1. Oh, Deinise – what wonderful words and lovely picture. I’m so glad you’re finding peace in the midst of the storm of moving. Makes me wonder why I’m so frazzled this week. Makes me realize I’ve let life run away with me again.
    Thank you for sharing – I’m so glad you did.

    • It can be a constant battle to let life run away with me. When I don’t take the time to be still, life usually catches up with me, and then eventually I reach a point where I’m forced to, whether emotionally or physically. Being still is so much sweeter when it is a choice.

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