Main character, or just a walk on?

Does anyone else ever wonder why some people follow their blogs?

I don’t think I’m that witty.

Well, okay, I can be sometimes.

I’m random.  I’m a sporadic writer, at best at the present.

I think I do a pretty good job picking out those who just “like” a post or “follow” me for the sole purpose to build up their audience base.

But then there are those people who make me go hmmm.

What did I say that peaked their interest?  They don’t seem to comment.  So, hmm, I wonder.

Perhaps I am a character for an upcoming writing project.

I wonder if I’m the main character or just a walk on?

I better get busy providing more material, I mean I could be the main character!

Oh, the pressure of the thought!  Ha!

Reality check time Denise….don’t you think you have enough on your plate now?

Time to do some more sorting and packing.

Denise – exit stage left.

I’m a character alright.


7 thoughts on “Main character, or just a walk on?

  1. I have never asked myself why I ‘follow’ you. I just do it because I enjoy what you write.
    I would like to think that those who read my own blogs do so because I write the truth and write from the heart…

    but now it is few and far between

    Carry on packing! lots of love

    • Well I read your blog because I can tell you write the truth and from the heart, that is what makes it so enjoyable! Done with the sorting/packing for the night. I’m tired. 🙂

  2. I follow you because you make me laugh, make me think, give words of comfort and always share the truth. You will always be a main character to me.

    • And, I love your wisdom and the way you share it with your grandkids! Oh, and your wit, your grandchildren got it somewhere (I’m thinking about ver-ginny and whiskey communion right now) I might have to just go read those posts again, they were a hoot!

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