Bundling Up

Now that the cat is out of the bag about us moving, I can tell you something funny that happened a few weeks ago.

To be honest, I didn’t find it so humorous on the day it happened.

Being that we are moving to a much colder climate than we have lived in for the last 19+ years I thought I would browse the internet for an acceptable coat to keep myself warm.

We have lived in colder climates before.  We are from Pennsylvania.  However, this move is going to kick up the cold to another notch.  My skin and body temperature has also acclimated to the southern climate.  There were times when we would take a trip to PA and someone would forget a coat because it would be warm here.

I do have a ski jacket.   I guess I could walk around in my ski coat when I meet cold temperatures but quite frankly when I’ve usually worn my ski coat I’ve been wearing ski pants which keep the lower part of my anatomy warm.  Need I say more?

With that in mind I started looking for a parka that had a removable hood (I’m expecting winds) tight cuffs to help keep the cold out and long enough to cover the butt.  The parka also had to keep me warm in temperatures that I figured could reach 20-30 below depending on the wind chill, and it had to not break my piggy bank.

Since stores are highlighting their spring fashions and lighter clothing, they had some good deals on the internet.  Not too many stores in the south selling a winter parka that fit what I was looking for.  I found one online and ordered it.

My parka arrived an early winter day when we had temperatures that was a pleasing near 80 degrees.  Yes, 80’s.


I didn’t try it on for a week or so later.


4 thoughts on “Bundling Up

  1. so…….. did it fit and did you die of heat exhaustion? Isn’t it strange these things that happen. Chalk it up, I suppose, to the fickleness of the weather! Too funny!

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