Brain Sprain?

Yesterday while getting dressed, I thought I had a particularly brilliant moment in the “writing” compartment of my brain.

Yes, I just said it.

The words just started forming in my head and I stopped what I was doing and ran to get paper before I forgot what I was thinking.

Well, that does happen to me.  The forgetting what I’m thinking when I go to write.

It’s either that or I get stuck on something and can’t get it out of my head.

So today I stood there with great anticipation.

I got nothing.  Or as I said in my head “nuthin”

I must have sprained my brain yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Brain Sprain?

  1. What is this, chopped liver? This is a great as the last post. “Sprained your brain” – I’m giggling as I write.
    Nicely done my friend. I hope you continue to find inspiration!

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