Wardrobe Discussion

I come from a line of tall women.

I like being tall; however, with some things it does have its drawbacks.

What I’m thinking about in particular this morning is wearing and buying slacks.

Now, my past generation of tall family women for the most part wore dresses.  They also made their own clothing.

I stopped wearing dresses and skirts for the most part when I stopped working full-time a few years ago, and I haven’t made me something to wear since the 80’s.  I don’t currently have any plans to start making myself clothing.  What I like and what I can produce are two entirely different things!

Buying women’s slacks, or as I say, pants can be a challenge.  Most local stores do not carry tall selections.  So you are left to either wear your own version of “petal pushers” or order online.  Ordering online can be time-consuming and costly.  First you don’t reap the benefits of trying on the item to make sure you like how it looks, so then if you order it and don’t like it you have the  hassle and cost of returning what you waited to so patiently for.  So when I find a store that has pants that I like, that fit, and I can order them online in tall, it is a win-win situation.  Trouble is usually then, the cost or how quickly they sell out.  Currently, then I am left with a few choices of pants to choose from when selecting my wardrobe in the morning.

Now, men seem to not have a problem with only a few items to choose  from in their closet.  They also have the ability to wear the same pair of pants over and over and don’t mind if anyone notices, nor do I think many people do.  I stand in front of my pant choices and have them rotated so I remember which day I wore which one.  I don’t think anyone else cares about this, and perhaps no one else even notices…you would have to be a detail person.

Have I mentioned before I’m a detail person?

So this morning deciding on which particular pair of pants that I was going to wear, I was also thinking that I have also shrunk over the years.

I used to be 5’-10”.  Now, if I believe correctly, the last time I was measured at the doctor’s office I was around 5’-9”.  What the heck?

I’ve always liked being tall.  As a matter of fact, there were years (and years) that I wore very high heels.  (Remember platforms?)  Yeah, I wore them.

Now I think I would topple over because of my ankles and wobbly knees.  I still have a few pairs of high heels (3”+), but for the most part a high heel today is anything over 1”.  Now the thrill of unsure knees and swollen feet, a lovely side effect of rheumatoid arthritis are not very conducive to high heels.  (Insert appropriate sarcasm.)

I digress.  Anyway, back to the shrinking.

I think that inch re-distributed itself.

Like around my waist.

I didn’t know my waist was so lonely.  It isn’t like my waist hadn’t picked up a few inches of friends over the years in my opinion and needed another inch.  Guess “waist” needed more company for tea and muffins.

I like muffins, and in particular the tops of the muffins, but do not like “muffin top” on me.  So, if I shrink anymore, I hope that any further re-distribution happens elsewhere.

I also hope I don’t keep shrinking until I get down into the petite section.  That would be a whole other issue entirely.  Ha!  Like that would happen!

Like I said, I like being tall.

Excuse me while I stretch out my cotton sweater a little on the sides.

There, that’s better.

Maybe no one will notice I’m wearing the same tall pants, again.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Discussion

  1. Oh my gosh – I just roared as I read this today on my phone. I LOVED this, Denise. As to you being tall? I never would’ve guessed that. You’re an Amazon!
    I, too, have had to cope with a slight loss to my already diminutive stature, and that inch seems to want to slip a bit lower – to the thighs. Don’t ya just love growing older? (Maybe I should say “More mature”).
    Oh my dear – you’ve got such a way with words! Wonderful, wonderful and thank you for the laugh.

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