Heart Warming Messages

Text messages….Email….Facebook….

All a quick way to stay connected.  I use each one.   I’ve found certain family and friends respond better to certain means of communication.

However, there is something heart warming about “snail mail” pieces.

Something resonates in me about the way the person puts the note together, how they sign it, even if they doodle on it.  All of these things I look at.

Recently we received a sweet note from our Granddaughter.  It is definitely going in the keep box.

Now if you’re wondering have I kept all the cards and letters I’ve received over the years, no, but I have kept some.

There is something heart warming about opening a card or reading a letter from someone dear.

Lately I’ve had to go through some paperwork to be shredded, and found a few cards and letters that got mixed in.

Found a note from my Grandmother after we had a 80th birthday celebration for her.  She tucked the note in an anniversary card to us.  Her birthday party had turned into a sort of family reunion.

When she sent the note, it was special.  I kept it.

But, somewhere in my head I forgot it.  I forgot what she wrote.

I had always kept the loving feeling she conveyed with me, but reading her loving words again, was very special.

That is what is heart warming about reading a letter or card again.  Especially when the person is no longer with you.

What a blessing it was to read again.

A text, email, or Facebook message just doesn’t seem to have the same impact, at least for me.   Don’t misunderstand, I appreciate getting those type of messages from people I care about if that is the way they communicate, it’s just a handwritten note is different.  That is why I keep them.  There is something about finding them, seeing someone’s handwriting that is no longer with you, reading their words, and having them talk to you, again.  Their handwriting, just like their voice, if recorded or saved “speaks” again.

Letter writing and the days of “pen pals” seems long ago.  My kids probably would laugh at the expression “pen pal“.   I however, am not ancient (regardless of what they may think), so it wasn’t that long ago that is just what one did to communicate.  I can remember having various pen pals when I was younger.  I even was much better about letter writing to family and friends.

Ah, but now I’m just as guilty about not writing notes or letters to people.  Even the yearly Christmas cards don’t have all the individualized notes like they used to have on all of them.  I tell myself I’ve cut back because my fingers start to ache, which is true, however, I could plan better and not wait till the last-minute.

I wonder sometimes if other people save these things or think about this stuff, or if I’m just overly sentimental.

Probably the latter.

That’s okay.

I’m going to read my Grandmother’s and Granddaughter’s notes again, before being safely tucked away to read another day.


Blessings to keep.

I also have a letter to write.  Maybe, just maybe there is someone else who is a little sentimental too.


8 thoughts on “Heart Warming Messages

  1. Isn’t this the sweetest post! I love that you’ve found that letter from your grandmom – and the card from your grand daughter? Must’ve been wonderful to open. It really is the effort that I appreciate – how much time it takes to craft, write and send a personal letter. And, they can become a family heirloom.
    So nice to see you writing, Denise. Wonderful, wonderful as always.

  2. You are so right Denise, a written letter means so much, like a confidence..whereas texts and FB are impersonal and can be read by all and sundry..unless they are private. Even so a letter coming in the post is much more exciting…but 2013 technology is there and already is overtaking snail mail….

    As for keeping things…I have kept all of my close family birthday cards and xmas cards for as long as I can remember. I have one box down in the dungeon wrapped in plastic and full of old cards..I have told Neville that when I depart he may have a big bon fire but until then they stay.

    I also have a new pile started on top of the bedroom wardrobe…This is 2007 onwards.

    I used to look through the old cards and use them to reproduce in acrylic painting but I have given that up now……

    Sentimental , yes I am but I think that if someone took time to find the right card just for me, and to post it (costs a bomb) then I just cannot throw them away.

    • See…I knew we had a lot in common! 🙂 You should post some pictures of your acrylic paintings and why you painted them from the cards you picked! That would be a great post(s). I bet you would have a great story for each one!
      Love, Denise

  3. Denise I too love the handwritten note card or letter.I love to look them over and the handwriting of the person alone makes me thjnk of their voice and face,This really hit me right in the heart my friend.

    • I’m glad that it spoke to you. I have always been able to pick out handwriting of people, and seeing handwriting of loved ones that have passed is very special. Thanks for the sweet note.

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