Detail Oriented

My brain is wired to pick up on details.

I can’t help it.

Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

I can get fixated on details if I am not careful.

However, I am very select in the details I can get fixated on.

For instance, I can remember conversations that have impacted me strongly in great detail at times.  I may recall the person’s body language, facial expressions, and  location.  When people don’t recall it the same way, I don’t understand why.

I will notice errors in TV commercials, and someone else might not even know what the commercial was about.  (I have also been known to talk back to the TV).

I can mentally visualize a list of things, but forget something  from the bathroom to the kitchen.

You would think with all this attention to details I would be a whiz on our Tuesday trivia night.

Can you hear me laughing?


4 thoughts on “Detail Oriented

  1. I know just what you mean! I am super intelligent but I keep forgetting things or cannot recall. Now it is not age which is too blame is because my brain holds so much information that sometimes it is difficult to find an answe to a problem…you see what I mean?

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