Trash or Treasure?

I’m sure people wonder why I have some of the possessions I do.

Like this pencil cup.

It isn’t fancy, or new or anything.  The paper is peeling off, and the bottom has ink stains.

It could easily be classified as trash I suppose.

Ah, some of you are remembering why I have some pansy items.

This little cup sat on an inlaid table made by Great Uncle Bill next to Grandmom’s favorite chair.

There was a bit of family “interest” in that table after her death.

I liked the pencil cup.  She used to keep her crochet hooks there along with her pencils and pens.

It sits next to my favorite spot now.

Those little pansy faces smile on.


8 thoughts on “Trash or Treasure?

  1. trash ot treasure….it depends on whose trash it is but to someone else it is treasure. I love your pencil pot, it is so pretty and has history.. I have lots of things like that..for instance a corner table made by my grandad…..I wanted to give it to my daughters for safekeeping. Neville says that it is too old fashioned, but to me it has history and is therefore a treasure

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