Snapshot Saturday

In the back of my mind has been this task of finishing my picture organizing.  I started a lonnnng time ago when scrap booking first gained popularity with creating pages, and putting my photos in some semblance of order.

Then I stopped.

I didn’t take as many pictures.

I got a digital camera.

The project really took a nosedive.  With all my new photos stored electronically, and none being added to “the pile”, I didn’t really do anything with what I had.

So, while looking for a photo of my first Thanksgiving meal, and not finding it,  I thought “Snapshot Saturday” would be a good way to start going through my small stacks large plastic containers of photos.  I could organize them, and perhaps share some here.  That is, unless they are truly awful.  That might be the case.

Because it is the holidays, and I’m in a seasonal mood, I’d thought I’d share one of us from years ago at a Christmas Party.  This is when I worked at an engineering consulting firm which had various employee functions.  This shot is from one of the annual Christmas Dinners, I’m guessing around 1984 or 1985.  The color isn’t the greatest.  Like I said, there could be some awful pictures, quality included.

The company would have a Christmas Dinner and a Christmas Party.  They were different. The parties were a little livelier.   Somewhere I have pictures from a Christmas Party, I believe of a conga line.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday

  1. Oh boy, would I love to see that conga line photo! Know what you mean about the digital photos – we stopped having printed pics of our kids at the same time as the arrival of our first digital camera.

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