Norman Rockwell Dinner

OURs... to fight for Freedom from Want is a co...

OURs… to fight for Freedom from Want is a color lithograph created in 1942 by Norman Rockwell and published in the Saturday Evening Post as part of a series illustrating the “Four Freedoms.” The aim of the series was to promote the buying of war bonds by Americans during World War II. Copyright held by the Curtis Publishing Company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the first time I cooked what I’d like to refer to as my Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Dinner.  Remember, being raised as JW, we didn’t celebrate Holidays, so it wasn’t until I left home that I began to enjoy these celebrations.  Now, I had been at other homes for Thanksgiving, but this was the first time I had prepared ‘The Spread’.

Looking back I now am realizing Mom made up her own version of celebrations so she could continue to celebrate the Holidays.  Case in point, when she made a turkey feast, she made stuffing, a green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and a spinach casserole.  (Sounds like a Thanksgiving meal to me).

The first time I made her spinach casserole was on that day.  (The fact that both Craig and Chris grew fond of this is a special connection to my Mom for me.)  It was also the first time I had made a turkey (yikes!)   I remember getting out the linen tablecloth, crystal glasses, silver, decorations, and even had parsley decorating the turkey on the plate ready for Craig to carve.  If I’m remembering right Craig’s Mom brought her potato filling, and we had a stuffed sideboard and table  full of food.  There were at least 7 of us.   I thought I had a picture somewhere from that day of the table and the turkey, but a quick search couldn’t find it.  (Note to self:  you really need to get back on that picture organizing project!)

I also think it was the first big meal I made for Craig’s family.  Good thing it worked out. 🙂   I’ve made many Thanksgiving meals since then, and had a lot of good meals at friends and family homes too; but everyonce in a while I think about that first one for me.

May today bring fond memories and blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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