What I’m Reading Wednesday

In my effort to be a consistent blogger and keep up my personal blogging challenge, I’ve decided on a few blogging categories to help me.

These are the ones I’ve selected so far:

Memory Mondays

Tuesday Treasures

What I’m Reading Wednesdays

I was wondering what I wanted to highlight for my first ‘What I’m Reading Wednesday’ out of all that I’ve been reading this week.  I’ve been reading a lot of good ones, but I just had to share this one today.

candycoatedreality is someone that I have just started to follow.  For some reason, she happen to find my blog so I went and checked out her blog (yeah, that’s how this community works).  When I did, I saw her post on “Mayhem”, (another great read) to be followed by the post that I’ve selected.  I thought, ‘This is such a good post’, and has written about what is at the heart of every writer, wanting ones words to make a difference.

This is the post here:  Shine a Light

Our words are powerful, we may not know at the moment how they will impact the receiver.

My desire is to have my words bring Him glory.

Lord, use my words to draw hearts to you.  In Jesus name, Amen.


6 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. Thrifty Thursdays- ways to save money/time
    Free for all Fridays- Whatever strikes your fancy 🙂
    Succulent Saturdays- Favorite Recipes (thinking of your potato soup here)
    Savior Sundays- something inspirational (story, passage, etc. ,etc)

    Oh … you didn’t ask for ideas for the other days. Sorry……
    I miss you my friend.

  2. Great job and look at you all postin and stuff. Nice story and thanks for sharing, Denise. I’d take you up on your daily challenge, but there just isn’t enough time in my day right now. I wish you the best, though.

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