Gift Shop Purchases


pansy (Photo credit: paparutzi)

When I was younger I’d go shopping in a little gift shop that we just called “Eleanor Hutcherson’s”.  I don’t know if that was the name of the shop, or if that was the name of the owner. It was near the corner of Main and Rt. 10.   It was a shop that I mainly remember for the trinkets and jewelry.  What can I say, my attraction to shiny things started early.

I remember shopping there with Mom, Grandmom and my sister.  Both Mom and Grandmom would buy some of their jewelry there.   Every once in a while, Mom would let Lorene and I pick out something special for Grandmom.  I loved doing that.  (Looking back, I wish I could remember what time of the year it was.  I wonder if it was near Grandmom’s birthday or Mother’s Day?  Mom had a way of still honoring those events without ‘celebrating’ them which other JW’s wouldn’t do.  You may recall me mentioning that my Mother was not ‘raised’ a JW).

Like I was saying every once in a while, she would announce that we were going shopping for Grandmom.  Usually, we would go to Eleanor’s.  I didn’t rush the process.  I wanted to take my time.  It had to be just right.   I remember these little white boxes, soft, fluffy cotton inside, propping up their treasures, all lined up on tables.  I’d pour over the boxes, looking for one thing in particular.  Pansies.

I remember Grandmom having items around the house with pansies on them.  I have always associated pansies with Grandmom.  Later I started associating poppies with her too, because I came to realize that she loved them just as much.

Mostly, though pansies were something that I’d look for when I wanted to pick up ‘a little something’ for her.   Pansies were what I was looking for back then among the white boxes.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I remember her wearing them.  I remember where she kept them.  She kept them in a little white box in her dresser with the rest of her jewelry.

Now they live in a little white box in my jewelry chest.

That memory shines on as much as they still do.


5 thoughts on “Gift Shop Purchases

  1. that is lovely Denise..I just wish that my grandchildren would think of doing something like that…I have 7 of them now all grown up and only once have two of them ever bought me a gift….maybe it is modern day thinking

    • I’d like to give the credit to my Mom, she would prompt us, provide the funds, and of course we’d agree it was a good idea. Some people like to show their love by giving gifts, others show it by words, or by deeds. Unfortunately, in today’s economy it can depend on one’s finances, and you have to be more creative. You are right in regards to modern day thinking when it comes to ‘things’, there doesn’t seem to be as much of a sentimental attachment there.

  2. My gram loved the “little faces” on pansies. I think of her whenever I see them. And, of course, I’ve devoted a section of my garden to them.

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