Cooking up some soup…

In  case you were wondering about Operation Soup and Smokes, particularly with my new part-time job, there have just been a few minor timing adjustments needed.  I am thankful that I can still help.  It has forced me to measure some ingredients though, for more accurate instructions to the second Chef.  (usually I’m a ‘dump it in’ & ‘taste it’ when it comes to soup.)

Usually I would start a pot of soup or something around 7:00-7:30 a.m. so that it would be ready to go downtown by noon.  Now I begin around 6:00 a.m., have the soup or beans and rice, or whatever else is on the menu started before I leave at 8:30 a.m, and then Craig finishes supervising and adding any last-minute ingredients (i.e., rice) before he takes it downtown to serve.  (Here is where the measuring comes in handy, my dashes, and put a little of this or that, wouldn’t really be helpful)  Everybody has been pretty happy with the results, so he must be doing a great job!

The beginnings of a spicy sausage vegetable soup.

They serve usually between 150-200 people weekly, most times running out of food.  Craig dishes out the soup (or whatever else we’ve made), Susan usually provides meatballs (a big hit as you can imagine) and then Carolyn brings her famous cornbread.  Usually someone will step in and help serve water.  Often Chuck will have Craig swing by his apartment and pick him up so that he can go downtown to help serve.

Funds have been low for  a while so the two cigarettes have not been distributed.  Any funds have gone towards needed food supplies and the paper products first.  For those that were  wondering about the number of people coming just for the occasional cigarettes and not because of hunger, that question can be answered by the continued high turnout.  When you are hungry, you are hungry.

There is still a need.  Homelessness is still a problem.

We are thankful for the other groups that feed the homeless at the park on the days that we are not there, and the facilities that are available.  Cooler evenings are upon us, and the shelters are open.  Not everyone though utilizes them.

As we sit down Thanksgiving day, let’s all try to think how truly blessed we are, and also say a prayer for the homeless.

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!


2 thoughts on “Cooking up some soup…

  1. Great post in Bulgaria we see lots of homeless people, but the difference is there is no one to feed them, I have never seen a soup kitchen or anywhere they can go to shelter. There are many demolished houses so maybe they sleep inside the walls but that is where the stray dogs also sleep, so you can guess who gets kicked out….Trouble is it is difficult to tell the difference between homeless, or just poor…they all look the same…
    I read Craig’s post on FB… seems that you are in need of lots of in particular, doesn’t the Gov. do anything to help?

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