Floss, floss, blog, blog challenge

Dental floss

I admire the discipline that some of my fellow bloggers have to post daily.  Their apparent ease or willpower to pen a post on a daily basis is something that I have not yet acquired.

This morning I was thinking that daily consistency to a blog is like the dentist reminding me to floss daily.  I want to do it, I know I should do it, but sometimes it just doesn’t get done.  Now, just so you don’t think I’m running around with ‘hunks of food’ stuck in my teeth, or that I don’t floss at all (which I do)…I’m just making a comparison.

I mean when the dentist asks me if I floss daily.  I fess up.  I floss, just not every day.  And, if you follow me here at all, you know I post, (duh),  just not every day.  I’d like to post daily, it’s just I don’t do it.

They say it takes, what, three weeks to develop a new habit?

Both flossing daily, and blogging daily are good habits to adopt.

So I’m challenging myself.  I’ve done both today.

Any other flossers/bloggers out there who want to join me in this challenge?  🙂


7 thoughts on “Floss, floss, blog, blog challenge

  1. I used to do it everyday, but then I found that there was little time to do anything else, also it is better to write about something interesting once a week that to write dribble everyday( not that yours is dribble)…so I will stick to writing when I feel I have something to say….that way I can say twicw as much and make up for not blogging on the other days…if you get my drift!

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