Autumn…Sights and Smells

When I think of Autumn I think of two things.

Leaves and apples.

I am drawn to the different colors that I see being painted across the trees and landscape.  I have vivid memories of white birch trees in the New England states, their aged and peeling bark shooting up to the sky, while orange tinged yellow leaves hung on to branches or playfully danced across the back country road while I hung out in the back of our family station wagon driving home from a trip to Maine.

I remember the colors sweeping the hillsides and mountains in the distance, like giant bouquets of yellow, red and green.

I remember pressing leaves between wax paper as a child.  The redder the better!

I remember years later, pressing leaves with my children.  Sigh.

Then I remember the crisp, clean scent of apples.

The smell of a big batch of apples cooking down for applesauce.

My mom’s rosy applesauce.

I’d help her make applesauce.  Somewhere I have her handwritten recipe, even though I don’t really need it.  It is one of those recipes that is a memory ingrained.  I can smell a good, fresh, apple and I can remember making it.  And, also want some.  🙂

Especially, if it is Fall.

I’m the only one who eats applesauce in the house anymore.  So, I don’t need to make that much.

I had a few apples that I had left from a trip to the grocery store.  Not too many, but just enough.

Cooked them up today.  Made a batch.

Ah, what a sweet smell…..and a rosy sight.


8 thoughts on “Autumn…Sights and Smells

  1. You can always make me some rosy cinnamon applesauce and send it up just cause i’m not at home any more doesn’t mean i don’t miss it and would love some. Or better yet have dad drive you up here and we go to the pumpkin patch with the kids again and get apples and we can make applesauce here. I pick the 2 option. Lol thanks now you have me hungry for some and i won’t get any, i will have to make an apple crisp my next best thing. Love ya and miss you both dearly.

    • I was just thinking about the pumpkin patch and looking at my picture of Kaitlyn and Kyle taken there! Don’t worry, I was thinking of you and when we made applesauce at your house! Love you too dear, and miss you!

  2. I love autumn and all its beautiful colours…it must be one of the prettiest seasons of the year….how can something in the throes of death be so beautiful?
    Apple sauce..I can remember my Mum making that…to with pork I think..yummy!

    love to you all at the Smokes

  3. The town where I live, Wenatchee, Washington, calls itself The Apple Capital of the World :o) I make lots of applesauce. Yum!

    • Do you freeze it or can it? Do you have a favorite apple from your State? I just love the smell of cooking apples! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Because we have ready access to the warehouses, we can get fresh apples at a good price year round. I like the Braeburns.

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