Painting a good feeling….

When I was in High School I couldn’t wait until I could pick the electives I really wanted.  It wasn’t too hard to choose.  We had a three “tracks”.  College, Business, Vo-Tech.   I knew I wasn’t going to college.  Isn’t wasn’t something I ever considered.  Growing up, college was never discussed as an option.  My parent’s didn’t encourage it, in fact the Watchtower Society spoke against it, and it was considered a disfellowshipping offense.   It was assumed that I was going to get married and stay home, or possibly work outside of the home.  My sister was a secretary at an engineering consulting firm, and my parents seemed okay with that, so I figured I’d take business courses too and maybe do something like that.  (For a brief time I had secret dreams of being an airline stewardess, or actress/model to go and see places.  Oh, well I guess that isn’t a secret anymore is it.)  🙂

My electives involved various business classes, Accounting, German and my personal favorites of art classes and wood shop.  I also tried my hand in drama and music.  I looked forward to my art class every day.  When I was able to, I had art class daily, and shop class daily.   It was in the art class that I tried various mediums.  I was fascinated at the projects that my art teacher worked on.  Once she constructed a miniature house in the classroom (remember my fondness for miniatures?)  Not once did I think about going to an art school, or becoming an art teacher.    Please don’t think I’m saying that in a bitter way.  It’s just a fact.  It didn’t cross my mind.  It wasn’t an option that had ever been discussed or promoted in my home.  It was just the way it was.  At that time in my life, I accepted it.

I loved art class.  I loved to paint.  Particularly with oils and watercolors.

However, somewhere along the way I stopped painting until the end of last year.

We are talking a long hiatus.  Ahem, a real long time……over thirty  years.  Oh, my, I am getting old!  🙂

Anyway, Craig presented me with a gift certificate for watercolor classes last Christmas.

Well, let me tell you….my, how the quality of the paints and the paper changed from when I painted last!  I’ve learned new things too!  What a treat it has been to pick up a paintbrush again!   The class rekindled the creative spark that I had put on the back-burner for far too long, or had let others discourage.

So now I am painting again.

Thanks again, Honey, for the classes, and the continued encouragement!

I hope you don’t mind if I kind of “toot my own horn”, okay, I’ll say it, “brag”….. but I’ve just taken two pictures for entry in the State Fair!

Here is what they looked like before framing.

Yep, they took two of them!

That was a good feeling.


20 thoughts on “Painting a good feeling….

    • Thank you! “Young lady”, hehe. 🙂 Were you thinking of a print of one I’ve already completed, an original, or having a commission of one of your pets done? I have been commissioned for people’s pets, and answering those questions first might help me answer your question better. You can email me if you’d like or message me on Facebook. 🙂

  1. Beautiful! Yeah! So wonderful to see your work. As a fellow artist, finally illustrating my first official picture book, I can relate to the years lost and the satisfaction found. It is never too late.
    And miniatures? My second passion. I’ll post some pics soon – do you have any on one of your posts?
    Loved the sweetness and composition of your art. Show me more!

    • Thanks, Sue! Yes, I do love miniatures! The only picture I have on here of any miniatures is the Victorian house I built that Fudge, the cat decided to “remodel” the stairs. Little stinker. I have various pieces that I finished or started of furniture sitting in boxes or drawers that I was going to finish the interior. I think I like the fancy craft rooms in magazines so much because you could have projects started and out to work on when you wanted, with all your materials available. Then I wonder, would I, or would I start even more?? 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing more about your book!

      • Oh, and “Sweetness” is the title of the cat watercolor. Pansy just looked so “sweet” in the photo I took of her that day. 🙂

      • I started a tradition a few years back where I created a miniature scene during the summer months. This summer, unfortunately and fortunately, was taken up by foot-mending (had surgery), family aand book writing and illustrating… You know, basic life stuff! Ah well, it’s all good as a friend likes to say…
        I’m glad you shared your paintings. Truly, they are lovely.

  2. Dee,
    So proud of you that you entered those pictures into the fair. I can not wait to hear how you do by them, but by me you alreay won. So glad that dad thought of such a great gift for youand it has brought back so much joy for you. Maybe i will be lucky one day and get a painting you will have to tell me when you get good at people then you can do one of kaitlyn and kyle together. We love you and miss you up here and hope we get to see you real soon. Tyna

    • Tyna, Thank you! I haven’t tried painting people yet, however, Kaitlyn and Kyle were first in my thought process to paint when I attempted! 🙂 Glad to hear you’d like a painting! If not people, then guess it would be a surprise! 🙂 Love you too, and miss you! Dee

  3. How wonderful that you revisited an old love and found so much satisfaction there! I remember ‘way back in the day when “art classes” were just not “useful” at all. My instructor was nowhere near as talented as yours and we were not encouraged, if we could not draw or paint. I am so thankful to have found a creative outlet at this late stage in my life. I firmly believe that we ALL need an artistic outlet in our lives.

    • Thinking back, I have tried to use that creative outlet in other areas over the course of my life, however, if you neglect it too much, you will notice a void. I’m still working on that balance thing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and glad you have found an outlet that brings you joy!

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