HGTV Home Crasher Feline Host?

“Designer” Fudge

I guess Fudge is either petitioning for his own HGTV Home Crasher show, or he decided that it was time for me to dedicate a post to “cat capers” or something.

Yesterday I heard a distinct “wood” sound from upstairs.  It sounded like my son’s drum sticks rolling into each other.  I thought the cats were playing with them.  It got quiet.  I should have investigated.  You know, quiet children and all that.

I have a dollhouse that I built probably 25 years ago that is finished on the outside, but not on the inside sitting on a table upstairs.  I mentioned the noise to Alex, but then didn’t think about it anymore.

Today, we found the source of the noise.

I am quite sure that the designer is Fudge.  He was quite rambunctious as we were removing the pieces from the floor, and seemed to be very excited as we reviewed the handiwork.  It seems he didn’t like the placement of the handrails for the upstairs.  All little chewed up demolition pieces were thrown out before I realized I should document the process in case the filming crew needed it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pansy pranced around the room, probably indicating that she was not a part of the process, and would not have made such a mess.  Or it could be she was rehearsing for her own series.

Fudge needs to be reminded at the end of the show, the home looks better, not worse!

The designer got kicked out of the room.  His big reveal will have to wait, the door to the room is closed.  Filming was shut down.


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