Monday Monday

Mondays are a busy day around here.

After the usual morning cat dance, I get up to prepare some sort of soup or meal that Craig takes downtown to feed the hungry souls that gather at Finley Park for OSS.

Last Christmas, Craig presented me with a gift certificate for some watercolor classes to rekindle my painting that I have not done since the late 70’s (I know, but I’m serious).  The classes proved to be a refreshing drink to my creative soul, and for the meantime I have continued to take them.  However, the class time starts before I could get back from downtown, so that is one draw back.

While I miss seeing the folks downtown, I am still able to continue to prepare the food, and so we are able to serve and be part of this blessing together.

There are over 200 people coming to the park now, which has greatly increased from when we originally started.  Craig says there has been an increase in the women that are coming through the line.

Since OSS has started, some of the friends we’ve meet have been blessed by homes,  jobs, marriages, and children.  Dawn & Ernie are employed and have housing.  Chuck is in permanent housing.  Levi is married and has a child.  (Chuck, and Levi will often come to the park to visit or assist, a sort of pay-it-forward).

Yes, there has been some that have been imprisoned or returned to prison.  Some have disappeared.  We have known some that have been attacked, and at least one that has died.

Today was an especially rainy day.  Everyone was pretty wet today.  The rain doesn’t care if you have a roof over your head or something to eat.  People can care though.

Regardless of rain or shine (& even the occasional southern snow) every Monday this is our routine right now.

And we are blessed for it.

Monday Monday don’t go away.


3 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. it is wonderful to know that you have rekindled your painting pleasure..good for you.
    The last I heard of Dawn and Ernie they were going off to pastures new, evendently they prefer the home turf…It is good to know that dear Chuck is still around. I can still recall the photo that you posted with them in the park.
    If only I lived nearer to you I would love to be able to help but instead I pray that God will provide what you need and give the strength to carry on…

    Bless you all my dear friends

    • Chuck often calls to have Craig pick him up so that he can go down to the park to join the group. That is something that I should have included, and I may go back and edit my post. A lot of the group comes back and visits or helps in some way. They sort of “pay-it-forward”. Bless you too my friend!

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