The “Will” Dance

Almost every morning begins the dance of “will”.

“Will” I get a few more moments of sleep, wake up on my own, stretch; or “will” the cats (usually Fudge, the male) commence “wake up routine”?

Even though the cats are technically our son’s Alex’s, they find themselves on our bed at night.  (Probably because they have annoyed Alex and he has either shut his door or does better at ignoring them.)

Fudge approaches the dance floor by pawing at the covers, beginning at my feet and then generally moving upwards.  During colder weather, this isn’t too much of a problem as the covers are thicker, but when the blanket is lighter, I catch a claw sometimes, and oww!

Pansy, always the lady,  waltzes around my head and daintily lays down and purrs.  This prompts Fudge to see what is going on, and then both cats commence dancing back and forth across my pillow.  They will sashay back and forth, perhaps laying down, (plopping might be a better term for Fudge) until he determines it really is “time to get up”.

He then will proceed to poke at my face with a paw.  When he first started doing it he  jabbed at me and there were times when it was like little punches.  Now he is gentler, but the message is still the same.  “Hey, look at me, hey, hey, here, here, let’s go.”

If I push him away, he might go away for awhile, however he has been known to go under the covers to nibble on body parts.  (Let’s just say he’s chomped on my butt a time or two.)

Alex says “He doesn’t do that to me, he has you trained, he knows once he gets you up then you will feed them.”


Usually however, all that happens around my normal wake-up time, and my body is telling me it is time to get up anyway.

So, the “will” dance is really how “will” I choose to greet my mornings?

Annoyed with the little minxes, or scratch their heads and enjoy their purrs?

I choose to enjoy the purring and their affection.

They are really cute after all.


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