Clutter Control A.K.A “CC” (not to be confused with Canadian Club)

Bottles of Canadian Club whisky for sale in Fu...

The first things to get rid of in “Clutter Control”, to be abbreviated as “CC” (not to be confused with Canadian Club, even though it is a fine choice if you like whiskey.  I myself prefer Jack Daniels; however that could be another post) has been the “de-clutter” and “re-organization” ideas, tips & magazines I’ve collected.

I already have this urge for order and “everything in it’s place” so when I read blogs, magazines, and see all the suggestions,  it can cause a sense of frustration at times to what I have already set in place.


  1. I have thrown out Storage and Organization magazines with pictures that make me want to organize different rooms, closets and drawers with expensive and pretty accessories (that should save me some money).
  2. Weekly organization & de-clutter calenders along with corresponding daily to-do lists (that should save me guilt that I am not “using” them on the days when I see them and haven’t “checked off” the item they “suggested”).
  3. Miscellaneous torn pages out of magazines of articles on “organization tips” and “household tips” (see numbers 1, 2 and 3.)
  4. Any pins that I have pinned to my boards on Pinterest(see numbers 1, 2, 3 and freeing up computer time).
  5. Removed “bookmarks” to blogs about said interests, and removed myself from email lists.  (you can pretty much figure out how that will help!) 🙂

Will I stop reading & looking at the pictures in magazines?  No.  But, here is what I figure.  If I haven’t taken the time to do what the pictures have shown, or what Ive pinned to my Pinterest, or utilized the hints from the organization blogs, or calendars – they are just clutter for my mind, my home, my computer, additional paper piles or files, guilt, and sometimes just plain jealous thoughts of what I couldn’t or haven’t achieved of what I see.  Sometimes they have just been a way to get me to just want more.  Who needs that?

Like I said, I already have an urge to have things organized.   Reading or seeing things has me wanting “re-do” or “re-structure” existing systems to “make better” or “prettier” or “be-moan” what I don’t have “structured”.

At the core, don’t we really know what to do with any clutter we have – eliminate it.  Once that is done than we can decide how to organize what is left.  Sometimes looking at all the pretty options of containers and organizations enables us to keep more clutter & items that we have to store.

So…off to the recycling bin goes the paper!

I feel lighter already!


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