OSS Reflections

Today’s visit to the park was more crowded than I thought it would be.  But, we were blessed to have enough food to feed everyone in line!  That is something that is always amazing and you know is God’s hand at work!  While we are serving  I was watching as the line kept growing and growing.  Then I’d see a lid close on a pot, meaning it was all, and I’d look and I’d see more homeless getting in line.  God is good though, for somehow all the “first timers” were served and we still had some left over for a  little of seconds.  When we get down to the last bowl, we often talk about how it reminds us of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish in Matthew 14:17-21.

Usually it is after all the serving, while we are cleaning up, that someone will stick around, hang out, perhaps have a cigarette, and then maybe talk a little about how things are going on and what is new with them.

When talking with one of the guys today about the life lessons he has been learning, this was his pearl of wisdom:

“Just because there is an open door or window to go through, doesn’t mean God opened it.” – Ed

Think about that.  Think about your life choices.

I know.    W.o.W.     Right?

I know there are many doors and windows that I’ve walked through God didn’t open. Then usually after I was there, crying out to God, He reminded me He was there all along…if I would just turn toward Him.  And then I would need to be reminded, again.  Sometimes, again and again.  Sigh.

Ed’s words are a reminder to be seeking His will first before we decide whether or not to go through those open doors and windows.

Well said Ed.


2 thoughts on “OSS Reflections

  1. as I was reading I was thinking about the feeding of the 5000. Then I got to your comment…I am trying to understand why we think that this is such a miracle for does God not say’ Ask and it shall be given unto you’ but it is wonderful to see miracles in action…

    Mr Ed is one shrewd cookie…those words really do make you think about life choices.

    My love to you all, and may God pour even more Blessings upon you

    • Ed is smart isn’t he? Please pray for him, he is trying hard to get his life back on track. We are praying here for you and Mr. Neville! Hugs! Denise

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