Wrapped Up in Love

Cooler weather has me getting out the afghans and comforters…

So, I started organizing the top of my bathroom linen closet…

I pulled out some more of the afghans that my Grandmother made.

Now, I  had pulled out some afghans earlier when my cousin and his family visited in September.  (note to self…future blog post) I wanted to make sure that they had an afghan that my Grandmother had crocheted.  I have an assortment that Grandmom made for me and some that Grandmom made for my Mother.  They seemed pleased to be able to pick out some to take home, and I know Grandmom would have enjoyed that too.

Afghans were always something I associated with my Grandmother.  She was always crocheting or knitting.  Mostly crocheting.

Afghans were draped across every chair and sofa in her house, and across every chair and sofa in my house growing up, and I think in every home of my Aunts and Uncles.  There were lap afghans, and large afghans.  There were patterned afghans and scrap afghans, (those that were just made from the left over scraps of yarn).

Then were were the slippers.

If you had cold feet, there was always a warm pair of slippers that could be easily whipped up to warm your feet.  I still have a couple of pairs of slippers that she made.  I wear them occasionally to bed if my feet are really cold, but I don’t walk around in them, because if they wear out, I know then they are gone.  Sentimental, I know.  But she isn’t here to replace them.  She’s been gone since 1994.  I have her pattern, and I can make them…but it just isn’t the same.

The very first afghan she made for me was a blue and white chevron pattern.  It matched the colors of my bedroom.  That afghan went with my oldest son when he moved into his apartment.  Blue is his favorite color.  It is only fitting it should go there.

I have a pink and white  pattern that is long and covers me from head to toe.  She made that to keep me warm.  (She made long, huge afghans for all the tall members of my family.  We have some “tall drinks” in the family!)  The colors were to match the colors of our home at the time.  We had the 80’s colors of pink and blue.  I still use it at night, it is nice and toasty.  I don’t have those 80’s colors anymore in the house though.  🙂

Do I have a favorite afghan?  Hmm.  I can think of memories of each of them.

I have a fond memory of one in particular.  It is the white one with roses.  I saw this particular pattern in a magazine and showed it to her.  She had not crocheted this pattern before.  I asked her if she would try it.  She said she would.  I remember her making the squares and laying them across her bed in an arrangement and showing them to me to ask what I thought.  She had changed the pattern slightly.  The centers were supposed to be yellow.  She had changed them to be black, and was going to edge the whole thing in black to “make it stand out”.  She also had used left-over colors of yarn she had in the flowers.  She had changed the color palette of the pattern to something she thought she liked better, and wanted to know what I thought.  I thought it was beautiful.

I can  still mentally see us standing in her bedroom that day.  Sigh.

It isn’t the warmest afghan, but it is one wrapped up with love.  I found it in the closet, cause there were some places that needed mending.  I’m mending them.  I think it belongs out again even if to serve as a reminder of that time.

You can be warm wrapped up in love.

I still think it is beautiful.

Grandmom’s Flower Afghan


6 thoughts on “Wrapped Up in Love

  1. I shall start again as my laptop is going odd. As I was saying I did not know what an afghan was until the very last picture..it’s a sort of knitted blanket or cover ..is that right?\
    How did she make a dress for you.. I am still puzzled!

    Either puzzled or plain thick!

    • Patrecia,
      You are correct, an afghan is a knitted or crocheted blanket or cover. My grandmother would get directions to make different designs or patterns from magazines or she would make up her own designs or patterns. She would make them very long and wide, enough to cover you if were laying down and wanted to wrap yourself up to keep cozy. She did not make me a dress, however I do know people who have knitted and crocheted beautiful tops and skirts. My Aunt Jean who I’ve blogged about loves to knit. She knits sweaters like crazy. I hope that explains things. If not, just let me know!
      On another note, I need to blog about the Versatile Blogging Award, but it says I need to have 15 people I follow, and I don’t, perhaps I will be a rebel and post with what I have…. 🙂

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