OSS Finlay Rhapsodies

Yesterday we were treated to some musical entertainment!

We were finishing serving the last of the food and cleaning up when the the acapello strains of Amazing Grace could be heard.  What a treat!

We told the guys they sounded great.  One said, when God blesses you with a gift, you need to use it!  Amen to that!

I asked if they had a name for their group yet.

They came up with one on the spot:

Finlay Rhapsodies

So I’d like to introduce to you: Willie, James & Willie, the Finlay Rhapsodies!

Finlay Rhapsodies – Willie, James & Willie

We were blessed to hear them at their opening performance!  Craig, thinking quickly, caught some of the final chords on his phone.  (I’m was hoping that I could attach the file for you to enjoy here, but sorry, right now I’m not purchasing the space upgrade to do that.)

I heard them saying “you never know who you bless with your music” and then discussing what they might sing later.

I’m certainly anxious to hear what they will sing next.  🙂


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