OSS Kitchen Pondering

Well the beans are soaking here for tomorrow’s New Orleans style red beans and rice to take down to the Park, and I know that Keith and Rebecca have either finished their grocery shopping or getting what they need for  spaghetti , plus Carolyn’s probably has her cornbread finished already.  There are others that help with food, paper products, monetary donations, clothing, hygiene supplies, and their help is greatly appreciated!  However, my mind is in tomorrow’s “kitchen duty” right now so please don’t be offended if your name(s) weren’t mentioned!

Lately, we have been serving @ 150 people at the Park.  I know that because I tried to take some sort of count last week to verify what we thought we have been serving.

That was interesting…….Count while trying to talk to people.

I came up with a system.   That is if you want to call it a system…….well, at least I am.   I’d mentally count off 10 people, visually try to take a “snap shot” of that person, and take an empty cup and put it in a pile.  Then when that person came up to the drink station, I’d start over again. (It worked for the most part.) 🙂  So, allowing for the occasional person that wandered in and out, and also allowing for the times that I would talk and forget to count, it put us around 145-150.

Originally we thought that when the Transitions facility opened that we would see less traffic.  So far that has not been the case.  The other thing we noticed that while we do see some familiar faces that occasionally stop by and visit, for the most part we are serving a completely different group of people.  Some have been homeless for a while, we just haven’t seen them before, and some are recently homeless.  They are just beginning to slowly talk to us.

I can give you some update on a few I’ve mentioned in the past.  Chuck has had some recent tests done on a tumor on his knee that he is awaiting results on.  He’s moved into the next stage of Transitions housing and seems to be doing well there.  Sophie & Trey stop by once in a while to say hello they tell us that they want to make sure that if they are okay for that day food-wise, they let someone else that might be hungry get their share.  John pretty much does the same thing.

I’m not exactly sure how many of the guys are staying up at Transitions and still stop down and visit us on Mondays.  We enjoy seeing them, it gives us a chance to catch up on each others lives. They still need our help as far as we’re concerned.  The lunch they get at Transitions is a light lunch if they eat there, and they enjoy the home-cooked food we serve.  Personally, we think it’s the company!  🙂

I was surprised to hear one of the guys say that some of the area churches were actually telling  them that they couldn’t eat at their “soup kitchens” if they were staying at Transitions because they weren’t considered “homeless” anymore.   I thought that was really a sad statement.  The whole point of the facility was to give the homeless a place to get on their feet and to assist them as a community along with the support of the community.

I don’t find that being Biblical.  Just saying.

Maybe that’s why it seems to be taking a little longer to build up trust.  I don’t know.

Then I’m reminded I don’t need to know the “why’s” and the “what not’s”.

I just need to do what I can.

Show His love.

So, soak on beans……


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