OSS Update

My apologies for not blogging about our friends at the Park for a while.  Rest assured, there has been someone there every week faithfully serving.

We have settled into serving on Mondays.  It works for planning, and it also works for letting everyone know when we will be there.  Of course that pretty much means we are also there for every Holiday, but that hasn’t seemed to bother those participating, because pretty much the way we see it, the people on the street are still hungry whether it is a Holiday or not.

We have seen some shift in traffic as the new Transitions facility opened at the end  of June.  There were some Mondays when foot traffic was around 50-60, but this week it swelled back up to around 100 again.

Some of the regulars that we know have moved into Transitions, however still visit  us on Monday so we do get a chance to see them and talk with them.  It is nice to connect with them.

Here is a quick update on some of the people I’ve talked about in past posts:

Chuck has been in and out of the hospital a few times over the last few months.  Once for an infection and once because of someone throwing a brick at the back of his head while he was walking on the streets.  Yes, a brick.  We didn’t see him for a while, and didn’t know what had happened.  Continue to pray for healing for him as currently he is recuperating from an infection, while also doing some work.

Levi has moved on and as far as we know has found a job a state away.  Brenda and Zion have also found their way back to family in another state.  Ed, we believe is working.

This past Monday there was a young family with small children.  Craig tried to talk with them, however they were a little quiet.  I did notice that some of the “regular” guys were talking with them.

Usually they will look out for each other.  Please continue to pray for their safety and that our little band of helpers can continue to be Jesus with skin on to those in need.


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