Gracie & Big Kitty a.k.a. Captain Greybeard Lesson

I was over at Rebecca & Keith’s house the other day watching Bella while they did a little blueberry picking.

The family has acquired three kittens (Boots, Scar Face & Chip), and this was the first time I saw them.  We were talking about the kittens, and then Keith warned me not to be surprised if the big grey cat jumped up outside at the window.

Now, I remembered “Big Kitty“.

I first got a good look at Big Kitty (or who I have since learned is called Captain Greybeard) one day before Keith & Rebecca went on their trip out west.

Now, I had been hearing about Big Kitty (sorry Captain, I like Big Kitty better) being this feral cat that was living out back, hid on the other side of the chain link fence and wouldn’t let anyone near it.

Gracie wanted to be it’s friend.

Well, on that particular day, I actually got a good look at Big Kitty.  Gracie was at the fence petting him!  So needless to say, after all that I had been hearing about the cat I was surprised!

Rebecca told me that Gracie was the only one that the cat would let near it.  I watched Gracie run over to the fence, call the cat, the cat would come over, let her pet him through the fence, she would run off again and he would either sit there and watch her, or disappear into the bushes.

Now, I will say I saw Remy wander over once or twice, but being a typical boy, he didn’t approach the fence in quite a “gentle manner” (let’s just say a foot was involved), and Big Kitty didn’t stay around when he approached.

While the family was away for a few weeks, they found upon their return, Big Kitty waiting for them on the front porch, and I believe he has decided to adopt the family as his.  He is quite comfortable coming in and out of their house.

So imagine my surprise when Big Kitty who a few weeks ago, who wouldn’t even approach people, came in the house, rubbed against each of the children present and then what really surprised me walked over and rubbed up against my leg and proceeded to let me pet him!

He then proceeded to lay down on the floor and play a little bit and groom himself.  A cat quite at home.

While Bella was napping,  and kittens were napping and playing, I watched Big Kitty laying on the floor and thought about the first time I saw him.

I thought back to that picture in my mind of Gracie’s little fingers reaching through the chain link fence.

Reaching out.  Showing love.

She just kept trying with Big Kitty to win his heart…to win his trust.

Big Kitty was trying to do it on his own.  He didn’t trust her.  He didn’t trust her love.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked….isn’t that really how we are with God?

We try to do it on our own all the time.  We don’t trust Him.  We don’t trust His love.

But look what happens when we trust.  Look how our lives change.  Look how our family gets bigger!  Look how our life gets better!

Accepting that love, receiving that love, doesn’t mean we won’t have trouble.  It doesn’t mean we won’t screw up.  But we can be assured of God’s love.

I suspect Big Kitty will, (if he has not already) make a mess or two in the house.  He’ll screw up.  I also suspect others in the house will get a little upset with him at times.

But, I suspect just like God’s love is always there for us,  Gracie will still love him.


4 thoughts on “Gracie & Big Kitty a.k.a. Captain Greybeard Lesson

  1. What a wonderful tale. Rebecca has a talent with animals and patience and love and is not overpowering.
    The last bit brought tears to my eyes. It is so true.
    The Good Lord is just like that. He shows us His love and some are afraid to try it out but once you do ‘you are hooked’ just like Big Kitty and Rebecca.

    You don’t post a lot but when you do..what you write is remarkable.
    Love you all

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