When you haven’t posted in a while, it sure is hard to get started….again.

It isn’t exactly like I don’t get topic suggestions sent to me.  I think, “that’s a good one”.  Sometimes I will even “write something” in my head of course, and it never quite makes it to a post.

There are a few bloggers that I follow that are quite regular in their writing.  They write faithfully everyday.   When I read about all the other things they have going on I wonder where they find the time.  Then I realize that they make the time.  They carve out the time in their days.

My problem (okay, one of my problems) is that when I am in right frame of mind to think of what I want to say, the timing isn’t conducive, or what I’m thinking about I think would be totally uninteresting, or I am keenly aware that someone might read what I have to say, and don’t quite want to be so transparent.

So…I guess I’m just letting anyone know who is following this, that I haven’t stopped blogging, actually, there are a few posts floating around in my head.

I just needed to actually get started….again.


2 thoughts on “Starting…again

  1. Well done Denise, that is a good start…..but….those of us who know why you are so busy that you do not always have time to sit and write, we understand.
    We also know that you are not far away..that you are in your little corner of the world doing His work.
    As far as I am concerned, as I said before, you have your priorities in the right order, the Lord’s work comes before anything else.

    love P

    • Well….true confessions…there are quite a bit of times when I am just sitting on my “bum” and could write something. I think about it, but then something else usually distracts me. 🙂

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