Say hello to Zion!

There has been a new friend I’ve been seeing when we go to the Park.

Someone new that is homeless.

I’d like you to meet her.

Fortunately, she has been able to make a good friend quickly and they seem to be looking after each other.


Three weeks ago Brenda was telling me how they met.  It seems that someone “dumped” Zion out of a car to get rid of her and Brenda saw Zion was out in the street.  From the beginning, Zion trusted Brenda and she came to her.  Brenda waited to see if anyone came back for her, but nobody did.  She named her Zion after the Zion church in the area.

When I first met Zion you could tell that people had mistreated her because she was very fearful.  I’m happy to say that over the last two weeks, I can see such a big difference in her!  Brenda has taken her to get her shots and all the necessities.  I know that Brenda has used money she had been saving to get back home for this.  Her growing love of Zion, and the bond they have formed is very evident.

Brenda told me that Zion came at a point “right when she needed her”.

I also think Brenda was there right when Zion needed her.

Their bond has been strong right from the beginning.  I asked Brenda that first occasion I met Zion if I could take a picture of both of them.  She agreed.

Brenda and Zion

There is always someway to connect with people….if we just listen…if we just see….
Lord, continue to keep my eyes and ears open please!


One thought on “Say hello to Zion!

  1. Hiya Denise.. That is really wonderful, and don’t they look happy together.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform… as He did in this case.
    Two lonely people now lonely no more, now they have each other.
    Praise the Lord !

    my love to you all

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