Stepping Out and On

Keith, Bella and Rebecca

Tomorrow begins a new chapter with Operation Soup and Smokes.  Rebecca and Keith will begin their journey on to Oklahoma, (you can follow their story on Rebecca’s blog), and so the day will definitely seem different without them.

Two weeks ago, Chuck presented Rebecca a card with the signatures from most of the people that we have been serving.  I was able to grab a quick picture.  Rebecca is in the background receiving the card.

We have been meeting as a group to discuss how we will continue on, and are excited how God has provided new people in the group.  We also look forward to seeing how Rebecca and Keith will start OSS in Oklahoma.

Another twist in the Operation is Marlo will be moving sometime in the future, yet we are also excited for her because she is looking to start a OSS where they move.


So potentially, Operation Soup and Smokes is looking at being in three different States within the next few months!  That is so awesome and exciting to think about!  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

I will be filling you in on some more stories and pictures as we go along, hopefully more frequently!

A quick side note, we served some soup out of the car on our way downtown two weeks ago….so in essence we are “mobile”!

Rebecca and Keith we will miss you tomorrow, safe journeys!  Love you guys!


2 thoughts on “Stepping Out and On

  1. Denise..this is wonderful news!
    Big trees from small acorns grow (old English proverb) meaning that from small beginnings can grow an something enormous..
    Your tree is shooting out little branches I wish Rebecca and Keith much happiness and luck as they go on their way to new beginnings
    Soon it will be Mario, such a lot going on…you must be doing something right.
    I will pray for you all
    Love in The Lord
    Patrecia xxxxx

  2. Patrecia….It is exciting! God is moving in the hearts of others to step up in the slots that have been opened here as they move on. He is certainly blessing many! Thanks for the continued prayers! Love, Denise

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