Operation Soup & Smokes Visit

Wow…what a difference in the weather from the previous visit.  The sun was shining with temperatures in the low 70’s.  We expect high 80’s this week!

Met two guys who had just arrived the previous night after walking six days from the coast.  Craig asked if they would like something to eat, they said “man, we’re just thankful for anything!”.  Six days of walking!  Can you imagine yourself doing that?

We also met another gentlemen new to the area from another part of the state.  He came up to us when we started to unload the car, and helped.  He stayed around listening to everyone talking.  He started talking to me about how God puts people in your life when you need them.  He said he just began to realize that now that he is older, (he just turned 50).  Haha older, we joked about that for a bit. He said his mother was a religious person, she didn’t get to church much, but she talked about it at home.  He said he had a “Bible for dummies, well it wasn’t called that, it was one of those study Bibles, but it helped him a lot”.  I laughed and told him I had one of those too, and yes, they did help a lot!

We spent some time talking with Levi and Jason, both whose ministry is walking closely with the homeless.  Jason is in transition housing and asks for your prayers as he is actively seeking to be an ordained minister.   He is, to put it in his words, “following Levi’s foot steps as he walks with Christ”.  They both can become discouraged at times when they feel “under attack” and ask that you pray for them.

Carolyn, Levi, Jason, Denise

Right now we decide when we are returning to the park – while we are at the park.  That’s because we usually can coordinate everyone’s schedule then.  People hang around talking and ask when we will be back.

We had decided that we would be returning again on Wednesday.  I called out to John to let him know that we would be back on Wednesday.  He said, “Thanks for telling me”, gave me a hug and then said “I’ll miss you guys till then.”  I told him “Why thanks John, we’ll miss seeing you too.”  He came up and hugged me again and said “I love you”.  I told him, “John, I love you too.”

It continues to be humbling how a simple act of kindness, whether it is a bite of food, a kind word, listening ear or just plain genuine interest means so much to some.  Being there, just seeing, being present in the moment, can make a difference.

I read this line recently in a book:

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.   – Brandi Snyder

If I can be the one person who shows Christ’s love in a life, then let me be that one person.

The more that I see and read you can tell that God is working in big ways in the homeless community all over the States, and in other countries.  Please continue to keep all in your prayers!



One thought on “Operation Soup & Smokes Visit

  1. I wondered where you had got to! Friday came and went and no post about your people.
    Three new fellas..that is great. I shall keep all three in my prayers Levi, Jason and John. Also the whole kit and kerbudle which is Soups and Smokes. I don’t think any of you realise what a wonderful thing you are doing in just being there for these wandering folks.
    May the Lord Bless everyone of you

    Your friend in Christ and with loads of love

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