Baby Steps..Next Stage..Toddlers!

Well…….one thing is for sure.

I keep realizing how much I don’t know about this whole blogging thing.

Being part of the experiment in blogging motivation on The Daily Post some of the blogs highlighted in Freshly Pressed catch my eye either by comments, titles or posts.  After reading this particular post last month on comment etiquette, I have been trying to comment on the posts that I have been reading that strike a chord with me.

Well, it wasn’t until today, (after receiving a comment from Miss Whiplash and thank you) I realized, that I was indeed still a “blogging baby”.  Apparently when I started my original blog, subsequently changed the blog name to this one as my “primary blog”, my user profile was linked to the original blog site, which sadly said….

wait for it…


Soooo, no wonder, my site traffic and comments may have been low at times.

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my witty banter or storytelling.  Haha

Now, I’m thankful that while I may not have accomplished a Post A Day or even every week, my blogging has increased, my confidence in expressing myself has increased, and my knowledge for this whole blogging process is increasing.

Even though I’m apparently in the “baby stage” I’m looking forward to where the “toddler stage” takes me!

So for now, I’ve added a “sticky” to the original blog page saying what I did (I didn’t even know the term “sticky” in the blog world two months ago) until I can figure out if there is a better way to correct this.  Maybe I’ll just start a whole another blog topic.  Who knows?

Oh, the things you learn when you’re an infant….

in your (ahem) 50’s.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps..Next Stage..Toddlers!

  1. Well done Denise. NOW I have found you I am going to read all that you have written.
    keep plodding at it my friend you will make it in the end just like we all shall.
    So glad to have found you

    Be happy and keep smiling:-))

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