Aunt Jean

I got to visit my Aunt Jean last October.  She is really the only relative on my father’s side of the family that keeps in contact with me.  She is also a hoot.  Always has been.

Jean was the Aunt that I went to stay with on the weekends sometimes when I was younger.  She stayed up late, slept in late, and was always fun to be around.  She still does and is all those things!

Some fun facts about her…she loves the color blue…she constantly knits…active on her laptop….she has a great laugh…and she has a great sense of humor.

While we were visiting her, and we were taking pictures, she said “Hey, take one without your glasses, and we need to stick out our tongues!”  I don’t know why, she just gets ornery like that…(I guess it runs in the family).  Anyway, we did, and this is the result:

She said, “Hey, let me look at that”; wasn’t satisfied that her tongue was not “sticking out enough” and had Craig take it again!

I love Jean!  Talked to her late in December.  She had celebrated her 89th birthday in November!!  We talked for a bit.  Talked about her life growing up, talked about her computer use, talked about her Facebook account.  🙂

She said to me “Who would have ‘thunk’ I would have make it 89 years?  I’ve outlived a lot of the people that I didn’t think I would.” (Then she laughed to herself – I wondered who she was thinking about).  Then she said,  “I’ve had a good life”.

Jean writes in a journal everyday.  She is much better about journaling than I am.  I go in spurts.  She said if “nothing happens, I write ‘nothing happened today’.  (I laughed the first time she told me that.)  When we visited, she was telling us about reading in her old journals, and actually found a journal from 1988 and opened to a page talking about when she and Web came to visit us.  We had just been talking about that and she was having just a teeny bit trouble remembering the details.

That was a precious moment and memory we were all able to share.  God’s hand at play there.  Okay, you can call it a coincidence if that makes you feel better, but I know what it was.  🙂


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