Backyard Visitors

We’ve been having a pair of Quaker Parrots visit our bird feeders for the past few months.  Parrots aren’t something that you are used to seeing at one’s bird feeder.  These particular parrots have been coming and going for some time now.  And, since parrots are not something that one is used to see visiting a typical bird feeder, I’ve imagined how they might have wandered into our backyard.  I’m sure they were someone’s pet’s at one time, however you can tell they have been free for quite a while, because they don’t respond to the “pretty bird” or “step-up”.  Instead, they look at you almost like “you’re nuts lady”, I’m not coming near you, we’ve been free way too long baby.

I will usually hear them early in the morning talking to each other and then one will fly to the feeder, followed by the second.  When it cools off late afternoon we’ll see them again.  Since it has been so unusual to see them, when I hear them chattering, I usually like to catch a glimpse of them when I can and sometimes I imagine what they are saying to each other.

They seem to chatter back and forth…well, one always seems  to do more of the chattering…that is probably the female.

Female: This is really good seed.  I think they bought the better brand this time.  I still don’t like those little round things though, why do they always have to have those little round things?   I mean the sunflower seeds are great why can’t they just have those?  I guess those morning doves like those little round ones.  You know I was talking to the morning doves this morning, they seem pretty nice.  They are always are cooing and talking to each other.

Male: (Pecking at seeds, turning head) Umm, yeah, you have some seed on your beak.

Female: I was thinking that I might rearrange the nest a little.  You know, just move a few twigs here and there.  Maybe pick up a couple fresh things.  What do you think?

Male: Umm..yeah

Female: Yeah?  Are you sure you are even listening to me?

Male: I heard you.  You like the seed.  Rearrange a little.   Few twigs.  Come here, you still have that little seed shell on your beak. (Cleans her up)

Female: Oh.  You know, this is good seed.

Male: Yeah.  Love you.

Female: Love you too.

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. Psalm 24: 26


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