Migraine Hangover

Probably wondered what happened to this scatterbrain…or then maybe you didn’t.

My migraine meds were doing really well there for a while, but now I’m having some trouble again, so when that happens I have some difficulty focusing on expressing myself clearly.  Things get foggy.  It can feel like you are operating in slow motion.  It’s a migraine hangover after the headache is gone.  And that becomes frustrating.   I swear I’ll be thinking something and fully intend to say one thing and something entirely different will come out of my mouth!

Can make for some interesting conversations…can also make it easy to insert your foot into your mouth.

Me (thinking Tuesday is Wednesday) to Thursday birthday boy  – “What do you want to do for your birthday tomorrow?”

Him – (puzzled) – “I don’t know”

Me (later in the day, still thinking it is Wednesday) – “Do you know yet what you want to do tomorrow?”

Him“Mom, my birthday is Thursday.”

Me“I know your birthday is Thursday.  I know what day you were born.”

Him“Mom, tomorrow is Wednesday.”

Me“I thought today was Wednesday, it sure feels like Wednesday.  Agh.”

I hate migraine hangovers.  They fog the brain.  Sigh….Sorry son.


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