Don’t say I didn’t warn you..

Well, I did warn you that I’m apt to jump all over the place.  I said “to be continued” on my last blog entry, but my mind seems in a “holding pattern” on it.

I have the rest of my journal entry from that time, but I really don’t want to revisit it right now.  So since my brain hasn’t felt like thinking on it, I haven’t posted on it.  But then I got to thinking, I might not feel like visiting that for a while, so I figure I better let you know where I am in that.  I’ll get back to it when I can.  It’s just sort of “stuck” right now.

I get that way.  I’m actually thinking and writing on two different blog entries and they are in pieces.  I get to a point and I have to stop.  Trouble is when I stop, it isn’t in a logical stopping point where I can post, it’s just a point when my brain says enough.

Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I get distracted, sometimes there are other things to do or sometimes I really don’t want to think or remember where it’s taking me.  And then there is the “I lost my train of thought, and I can’t get it back.”  THaT’s frustrating!

So this is where I am right now random things.   Probably blame it on hormones or lack of hormones – yeah – menopause.  Oh, great, another topic I can blog about.  Now I have another post to start, and maybe get finished…

wait….maybe I already did that…..

I better check


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