Gifts Amidst Sadness

Sometimes it is amidst sadness that we find great gifts. Yesterday we attended a celebration of life for my second cousin. Listening to family remembering his life, and talking with other family members, I was again reminded of family threads that run through and in us that we are often seemingly unaware of. I thought … Continue reading


I was with someone this week who was worried about the results of a medical test. The individual administering the test was assuring this person that everything would be fine, as things had been  going well.  When the results proved her words were true, she then proceeded to say “See, there was nothing to worry … Continue reading

You are worth it!

You are worth it!

Early this morning I was thinking about how I used to view things. How I used to think of myself, life and those around me. I remembered this video that I posted years ago and the impact that I felt.  It expressed so many feelings that I had felt over the years.  Perhaps you will … Continue reading

Embrace Change

That is what this painting is called. It was just a few years ago that I painted this.  Started right around the same time of year.  At the time wasn’t sure what was in store for us, and here we are getting ready to embark on more change. Change. Embrace it.

Second Nature

Second Nature

I have this habit that I didn’t realize I had.  Craig pointed it out a while back.  Then I started noticing it. It is I guess a sort of self-soothing, thinking, unaware thing I do when I’m lost in thought, anxious, bored, reminiscing or what not. Usually it involves just my left hand, but I … Continue reading

Iowa Additions 

Iowa Additions 

While we were in Iowa these two joined the party.        These cute adopted brother and sister made the cold days fly by and the warm days happy! We went looking for one, but couldn’t split the siblings. They behave just like children. One moment carrying on, the next all sweet as can be.  … Continue reading

Well, hey there!

If you recall from my last entries (if you can even remember them, ha!) we moved from the warm climate of the South to the cold Winters of Iowa. The area we lived in had around 3,000-5,000 people during the Winter months and could swell to 50,000 in the Summer. It was nice, but limited … Continue reading

Ps. 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.  Ps. 46:10 Off the grid. That’s what I was for over a month while we moved into our new home and waited until the cable company had the equipment they needed to hook up whatever they needed to make the box sitting in our front yard “work”. … Continue reading


A few years ago at my Thursday ladies Bible study group, we were discussing making a difference in people’s lives.  We talked about how hard it is to know if that is happening or not.  We talked about one day in Heaven meeting those we’ve impacted by even just the smallest thing we might not … Continue reading